Me Doris Vickers

FRAS (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society)
Fellow of SEAC (European Society for Astronomy in Culture)

Member of

DOB June 20

Academia Classical Philology

Scope Archaeoastronomy, Cultural Astronomy, astronomical texts (mainly Greek, Latin and Babylonian, sometimes Hebrew), History of Astrology

Languages studied
Anatolian (Hittite) – 3 semesters
Ancient Greek – reading proficiency
Akkadian – 6 semesters
Etruscan – 3 semesters
Hebrew, biblical – reading proficiency
Hebrew, modern [Ivrit] – reading fluency, speaking
Latin – reading proficiency
Oscan-Umbrian – 2 semesters
Phoenician – 2 semesters
Sumerian – 4 semesters
Ugaritic – 1 semester

Work scientific coordinator @ Ancient-Skies |content manager @ UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative | chief digital officer in adult education




work related…
Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy
UNESCO World Heritage Centre – Astronomy

Other stuff…
International Astronomical Union (IAU)
Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)
SEAC (European society for Astronomy in culture)
Society for the History of Astronomy (SHA)


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